"Drop it like it’s hot" beverage.

Shhh, he’s hiding.

Shhh, he’s hiding.

Even babies bob to Kid Cudi.  

Ambitious dog woofs and jumps to peek over fence. 

Daily Life of NinjaHinja. LOL alert.

Terrorist Teapot.  Purchase it here. 

Terrorist Teapot.  Purchase it here

The Turrets on new Portal 2 game are hilarious.  

Will Ferrell’s threat to shave @teamCoCo’s beard. 

How to: Exit a tumbling car like a BOSS. LOL! 

MYX TV’s “Movie so good promo.” @myxtv

Dancing Chihuahua.  It will hit a million views within the next few months. :P

"Naughty, bird! Naw-tee, bird." LOL

"Breakdancing gorilla."  Let go and dance, baby, dance. 


SEXTAPE - ‘The View’ Remix
Antisexy, brutally honest, definitely mean, but not mean-spirited.  Brilliant.

Jared e-mailed this to me, I think he was scared to post it.