Can’t help but to smile and bob to dis riddim *’*^^’”

{Pinchers, “Dreams and Illusions”}

Human nature.

I feel our truest nature is happiness. Our best expressions are seen when man/woman does something out of pure joy. e.g., music & art

I just can’t stop laughing.  (rar rar rar rar ra rar rar rar raaaaaahhhhh)  «< {this will become coherent after the video} 

Armless Chinese Man WOWs audience on the piano.  Perseverance and will. Beautiful.

Even babies bob to Kid Cudi.  

Loving new break-out artist, Tinie Tempah. His song “Pass out” is hip hop infused with rock, reggae, drum-and-bass, and techno. So refreshing! 

I’m loving all the happiness going on here! Express happiness everywhere you are and share it with others. It simply begins with a smile, the rest of the body and mind will follow. ^_^  Give it a try.  

"Club Can’t Handle Me - Indian Style"

Discovered Japanese musician, Fonogenico on xxxHolic Anime. Animes are double the treasure find; great story and the music that follows.  ^_^

Song: “Gonna be a Mommy” / By: female bodybuilder #Memorable LOL!

French cows love American Jazz.  Happy Friday!

Love this music video from one of my favorite artists, @FourTet. So much culture. 

Takin’ the band on the road…via motorcycle.

I love how London embraced their phenomenal music culture by lacing it into the 2012 fireworks. Gorgeously moving.

Listening to hip hop played on strings with an 808 before it becomes cool… hipster today.

Adversity will soon reach the end of its guise. All you have to do is rise.