Daily Life of NinjaHinja. LOL alert.

The Turrets on new Portal 2 game are hilarious.  

Will Ferrell’s threat to shave @teamCoCo’s beard. 


SEXTAPE - ‘The View’ Remix
Antisexy, brutally honest, definitely mean, but not mean-spirited.  Brilliant.

Jared e-mailed this to me, I think he was scared to post it.

Boston Terrier likes the tickles. Haaaahhhckk!  Happy Friday!

Portal: No Escape short film. Full screen to enjoy. 

Love this music video from one of my favorite artists, @FourTet. So much culture. 

All CGI trailer.  I want to see more. 

Lizards play video games, too.

"Yeahhhhh," said the lamb.  Happy Friday!  You’re alive - go out and LIVE! 

Cat and a vacuum.  Hilarious.

If you’re in need of a ferocious LOL….
{Michael Shannon Reads Insane Sorority Letter.  NSFW: profanity}

(Source: funnyordie.com)